Jewellery Care & Materials


Materials We Use:

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is a thick layer of real gold layered on 925 Sterling Silver. The plating on Gold Vermeil is much thicker than regular gold electroplating, and will give your pieces a long lasting gold colour if correctly cared for.

We use 14k & 18k Gold on our Vermeil pieces, with a 2.5 micron plating thickness.

An extra layer of tarnish resistance called "E-Coating" is also applied over the plating for extra durability. 

Gold Plated Sterling Silver

All Blingz gold plated pieces are coated with a layer of 14ct or 18ct gold that is a minimum of 1 micron in thickness. This is still much thicker than the average gold plated piece of jewellery, which is generally 0.5 microns.

Our gold plated pieces are more affordable, but do require some extra care as the plating is not as thick.

Gold/Rhodium Plated Brass

Our gold pieces with a Brass base are coated with a layer of 14ct or 18ct gold, which is a minimum of 2.5 microns in thickness. Our brass pieces with Rhodium plating have a coating thickness of 0.3 microns. We use Rhodium/Gold Plated Brass on our statement/costume pieces as it is strong and durable. These pieces can last years if cared for correctly.

Jewellery Care

Fashion jewellery will naturally experience discolouration over time due to factors such as chemicals and moisture. As gold and silver are very delicate metals, they will unavoidably oxidise over time as a result of exposure to these elements.

Unfortunately the only way to have completely tarnish free jewellery is to purchase pieces made from solid gold or solid platinum.

However, at BLINGZ we use a range of high quality metals to craft our jewellery, and if cared for correctly, your pieces will maintain a long-lasting colour and shine.

How do I care for my jewellery?

The simplest way to care for your jewellery, is to remember it should be the last thing you put on when you get dressed, and the first thing you take off before you go to bed.

  • Ensure you remove your jewellery prior to showering, exercising or swimming to maintain the gold plating & stone lustre.
  • Avoid contact with lotions, perfume, make-up, sunscreen & hair products. The chemicals in these products will damage the gold plating, and build a film over the CZ stones that will dull their shine.
  • Clean your piece by buffing gently with a dry, soft cloth and store it in your BLINGZ Jewellery Box, BLINGZ pouch, or an air tight container. Do not use a chemical polishing cloth as this can rub away the gold plating.
  • Avoid letting your jewellery touch, or come in contact with other metals when storing as this can cause the pieces to get scratched & oxidise.
  • Do not pull, stretch or knock your pieces. Jewellery is delicate, and will break if you mishandle it.

    My earrings/bracelet will not clasp together anymore:

    As the metals we use to craft our jewels are quite malleable, from time to time, they can bend slightly out of shape. This however, can easily be fixed.

    Please contact us at or on Instagram @blingzau & we can send you a short video showing how to re-adjust your bling.